Best Camera Apps For iPhone

Are you still using your iPhone’s native camera app? If so, you could be missing out. We’ll compare some of the best camera apps for iPhone for you. Each offers something more than the native camera app, improved features or a more intuitive interface.


Native Camera App

Before we look at the alternatives, let’s start out by looking at what the native iPhone camera app has to offer. It’s fair to say that the native camera app is pretty amazing – it has perhaps the most intuitive user interface, several advanced innovative features (Time-lapse, Slow Motion, Pano, Live photos, Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting), and has been developed by a team with full knowledge about the iPhone’s inner workings – meaning the camera app should be nothing short of brilliant. And it is brilliant. For most photographers, in most situations, it does everything very well indeed. However, in order to cater for everyone while still keeping the app simple to use, it has to make assumptions, and reduce the amount of customization available to the photographer.


Portrait mode & portrait lighting

Time lapse, slow motion and pano modes

Live Photos

A limited range of filters


Shutter delay timer

Best for:

Photographers undertaking general photography who don’t need advanced control or customization of features, and who want a simple, intuitive interface.



This iPhone-only app has a clean, intuitive user interface and some neat features which firmly push it towards the Pro end of the spectrum. Most notable, for depth-capable dual-lens iPhones, is the ability to adjust the depth-of-field after taking the shot. The 3D Tiltmeter gives you precise information about how level your smartphone camera is. Anti-shake and low light capability makes the most of your photography opportunities.


Dual Lens Support

Depth editing

RAW capture

Remote trigger for Apple Watch


Low Light mode (optional in-app purchase)

Vivid HDR (optional in-app purchase)

3D Tiltmeter

Front flash for selfies

EXIF/Metadata Viewer & photo compass

Best for:

Photographers with a depth-capable iPhone who want to work with RAW images and who also enjoy videography, and aren’t put off by in-app purchases.


Camera+ 2

Another iOS-only camera app with pro credentials, Camera+ offers manual shooting for ultimate control, RAW capture & editing, portrait mode and depth capture & depth editing to allow setting the depth-of-field afterwards (compatible dual-lens iPhones only). All this in addition to class-leading photo editing tools, making it the only camera and editing app you’ll ever need.


Manual shooting

RAW capture & editing

Portrait Mode + depth capture & editing

Different shooting modes, including Stablizer, Macro & Slow Shutter modes

Powerful photo editing features

Best for:

Photographers of all abilities wanting top-notch capture and editing features all in a single app.


Moment App

Best known for their top-quality iPhone lenses and other accessories, Moment have produced an excellent iPhone camera app too. Now its third version, the Moment’s Pro Camera app gives you full manual control, RAW shooting and a live histogram.


Full manual control

RAW shooting

Live histogram.

Manual control over which of

Use your Apple Watch as a remote control

Best for:

Photographers of all abilities who place a high priority on aesthetic user interfaces and who need professional camera features.



The iPhone-only Blackie camera app is fairly unique in that it forces you to take black-and-white photos. This might sound strange, but this drastic ‘limitation’ is actually its biggest strength. As you compose your shot, you see the scene in black-and-white only, which allows you to concentrate on the light and shade, and indeed the composition.


Only shoots in black-and-white

Minimalist design

Manual camera control

A range of different grids or perfect compositional alignment

JPEGs stored with no compression, for maximum quality

Lossless TIFF format available

8 custom preset slots

Best for:

Black and white iPhone photographers


Focus [+]

Another slightly quirky camera app is Focus [+]. Its user interface is very innovative, and puts the shutter button slider so that you can control the currently selected feature – zoom (in auto mode), or, in manual mode, exposure or focus, without removing your finger. However, you still have to remove your finger in order to tap the shutter button, so its merits are somewhat muted! In its defence, while you are sliding the shutter button the viewfinder zooms in, allowing you to see the effect of your change to the slider position. This is useful both for manual focus and for checking whether the brightest area of the scene is being properly exposed. You simply move your smartphone camera to ensure the area of interest is in the frame.


Innovative if quirky user interface

Auto and Manual modes

Stills and Video modes

Auto-zoom preview when adjusting focus or exposure manually

Best for:

Photographers wanting something a little different but who don’t need all the bells and whistle offered by other more popular camera apps, such as filters, effects or other editing tools.


Obscura 2

With one of the most intuitive and aesthetic interfaces, the Obscura 2 camera app is a joy to use and does everything well. The app layout has been carefully thought out and puts the right controls at your fingertips at the right time, depending on what you’re doing. It’s a fully-featured camera app with the addition of an attractive set of filters. No gimmicks, it’s just a well-designed app which is a pleasure to use.


RAW image capture

Depth capture

Focus peaking to ensure sharpness

Minimal editing but a great set of filters

Siri-compatible – tell Siri to take a photo using Obscure 2

Highly customizable

Best for:

Photographers wanting an excellent camera app, but who perhaps use other apps for editing.

Author : idelta