How to use the new widgets on iPad

How to use new iPad widgets in iPadOS 14

  1. If it’s not turned on permanently, swipe from left to right on your iPad home screen to see the Today View
  2. Long press on a black space of your home screen to enter Edit mode (jiggle mode)
  3. You can tap the Keep on Home Screen toggle at the top to keep widgets available all the time
  4. Tap, hold, and drag the existing widgets around to organize them
  5. You can stack widgets of the same size on top of each other for swipeable widgets
  6. Swipe to the bottom of the widgets and tap Customize to add new ones
  7. Tap the green “+” icon to add available widgets, tap Done when finished
  8. When not in Edit mode, you can long press a widget from your home screen to get the edit or remove option.

Author : idelta